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Provide your boat info. We make an offer. You get paid!

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Thinking About Selling Your Boat On Your Own?

We are looking for clean, late-model units to help fill our pre-owned inventory. Whether you are looking to sell your boat, trade it in for a newer model, or consign, Ron Hoover has got your back!

Before you start taking photos and posting classified ads, please consider a few of these points below …

Don’t Stress - Let Us Help!

Let Ron Hoover take the hassle out of selling your boat by either providing you a cash offer, or the opportunity to consign with us! We take care of any pre-sale inspections, financing and advertising and then write you a check for the pre-agreed price when the sale is complete.

Protect Your Liability

Leave the worrying to us! You take on risk when you sell your boat privately. Working with Ron Hoover helps you avoid having to set up 1×1 appointments at your house or storage yard with potential buyers that you don’t know. Avoid checks bouncing, unexpected delays, and legal risk by letting our dealership do what we do best!

Looking to Trade In and Move Up?

If you are ready to upgrade to a newer model, with increased technology and more features, our dealership wants to make your boat upgrade experience smooth and hassle-free! Fill out the form with your current boat info to learn more!

Consign with Ron Hoover

Consigning your boat with us is a great option! Your boat will benefit from being advertised on our website, as well as listed locally/nationally on multiple classified websites at no extra cost to you. Ron Hoover makes it easier than ever to sell your boat!


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